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Deep Listening Experiences to lower stress, sleep better, enhance creativity, and live a fuller life.

Zendo Stereo:

Find your inner wisdom with music.

Zendo Stereo is a powerful and simple ritual of down-regulating: mask, headphones, music, and going deep.
Limit input and surrender. Inner space is where we can go collectively to gather wisdom.

It is essential to our survival to down-regulate, to get quiet and peaceful. Taking time to periodically connect with your inner wisdom is how we build a strong foundation for our emotional and psychological well-being.

The container matters. Your peripheral vision and your audio 360 is important. Surrendering and feeling safe you can go deep and access what you need. The wisdom at the source point is always you.

Synchronicity, biology, and chemistry meet in music.
Your body is the antenna that captures the sonic waves of information through time and space. You are both the transmitter and receiver. You’re in a dance with the divine.

We are creatures of light and sound. We emit heat and sound vibrations that others can perceive. Tuning and harmonizing with each other is a powerful way to co-regulate. We do it through music.
Enter spaces where we can co-create, merging emotions and sound together with our experiences and energies.

We want to create better narratives together. We want to be better music in the world.

Zendo Stereo Press:

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Zendo Stereo Live

Zendo Stereo can be experienced as a stand-alone ticketed event at various locations/events/festivals in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, Telluride, Park City, Oakland, New York City, Old San Juan (Puerto Rico), Vancouver and many more cities coming soon. Contact us directly for booking inquiries.

Where can I Experience Zendo Stereo?

Groups / Retreats

Enhance your therapeutic, medicinal, mindfulness & flow enhancing offerings. We can do events from 10 to 100 people.


Perfect sundown or late night mindfulness break. Great group activities to do with your friend or to meet new people in a more connective space. Re-up on your inner resources!

Private Events

Have your very own Zendo Stereo, at home or a venue, one on one, or for you and your guests. We bring everything, you just relax and enjoy.

Bring Zendo Stereo to you!

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Zendo Stereo Live Experience

Zendo Stereo | Music Meditation / LIVE

Learn the art and science behind music journeys

Zendo Stereo:
Music Training for Facilitators

Upgrade your Music Journey Skills, Knowledge & Practice

Introducing Zendo Stereo: Psychedelic Journey Facilitator Music Training, the premier destination for Music Mindfulness training, specially designed for  Ketamine Assisted Therapists and psychedelic therapy facilitators.

At Zendo Stereo, we understand that the right music can be a powerful tool in facilitating a deep and transformative therapeutic experience. That’s why we offer comprehensive training programs that teach the art and science of Music Mindfulness to Ketamine Assisted Therapists and mindfulness & psychedelic facilitators.

Classes are designed to give you the skills and knowledge necessary to use music effectively in your practice, and we offer both private and group sessions to suit your individual needs. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or just starting out, our training will help you deliver deeper and more consistent transformational experiences for your clients.

We believe that music is a powerful tool for healing and transformation. If you’re ready to take your practice to the next level, we invite you to explore our training programs and custom music solutions today.
Contact us to learn more and get started on your journey to master the art of Music Journeys.

Intro to Music Journeys:

The Art & Science

• 12 hours of personal training 
• 4 live sessions/ 3 hrs each
• Zoom or in person (Los Angeles)
• Understand how music affects the therapeutic process, how music and sound interact with our various brain centers, the fundamentals of sound sequencing & placement, harm reduction, historical and cultural context for music selections, and much more.
• Learn about brain states and sound frequencies, and how you can use music can enhance the therapeutic journey and guide your patients/audience to reliable positive, and extraordinary outcomes. 
• Intro to using Ableton Live to create seamless journey sets.

Custom Mixes:

In addition to our training programs, we also offer custom music solutions for therapists and practitioners. We are a team of talented musicians and sound designers that create music mixes tailored specifically to facilitate healing and transformative experiences. From ambient and meditative tracks to more upbeat and energizing compositions, we can create music mixes that complement and enhances the therapeutic experience.

What Is Zendo Stereo?

Zendo Stereo is a musical mindfulness journey, bending time and inner space to explore your hidden potential, conceived and performed by Leo Canneto.

Framed as a collective journey to build inner resources, Zendo Stereo creates music mixes to explore inner landscapes. The practice can lead to deeper relaxation and meditative states, enhancing flow, boosting creativity, promoting neurochemical balance and wellness, and recharging yourself to be the best version of you.

Each Zendo Stereo is unique, featuring a live “3D Sound Mix” in which the music is manipulated for a one-of-a-kind experience. The Zendo Stereo experience uses wireless headphones for perfect acoustic placement (there are no bad seats in the house!), sub-bass speakers for full-body sound (we can also provide air mats to lay on for comfort and full-body bass!), and eye masks to block out all visual input, you will be guided thru a musical journey that is both deep musical meditation and psychedelic experience.

Music can produce a response characteristic of relaxation in which autonomic, immune, endocrine and neuropeptide systems are altered. Likewise, it produces desired psychological responses such as reductions in anxiety and fear. Some responses have been linked to effects on the hemispheric functioning of the brain and the limbic system. High psychophysiological stress levels inhibit or block learning. Thus music can be the catalyst to facilitate mental suggestion, and enhance our own learning ability and self-healing capacities.
–Natural Resonance Center

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